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When you visit our veterinary hospital with your pet, we’ll offer you all the options so you can make an informed decision.

A veterinary hospital is medical facility that houses the equipment needed to provide care to animals. It’s similar to a hospital for humans in that it has operating rooms, surgical equipment and tools, and space to offer post-operative and urgent care. However, the layout and tools often differ from what you’d see in a traditional hospital, and the staff focuses their efforts on the needs of pets. You might need to find a veterinary hospital if your pet is in need of a surgical procedure or medical treatment that requires ongoing care or observation. Pets with urgent medical needs may also stay in the hospital to receive additional treatment or be monitored until they can return home.

Veterinary Hospital in Mebane, North Carolina

When you’re looking for a veterinary hospital near Mebane, North Carolina, you can always bring your feline or canine companion to Plaza Veterinary Hospital. We provide a wide range of veterinary services, including general surgery and emergency care. You can also count on us to take care of your pet’s dental needs with cleaning and tooth extraction services. If your animal needs digital radiology or bloodwork, we have the equipment needed to perform these tests in-house. Additionally, we provide preventive care, medical and surgical consultations, and vaccinations for pets throughout all stages of their lives.

When you visit our veterinary hospital with your pet, we’ll offer you all the options so you can make an informed decision. Our staff maintains a comfortable and low-pressure atmosphere that helps animals and their guardians feel more relaxed during their visits. We’ll also work diligently to help your beloved companion live their healthiest life.

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FAQs About Our Veterinary Hospital

When you’re searching for a veterinary hospital for your pet, you want to make sure that the facility you choose provides the care your pet needs and is the right fit for you and your furry companion. At Veterinary Services, we understand that you may have some concerns and questions you’d like answers to, so we’ve put together answers to some of the more common questions we get asked about our veterinary hospital. Take a look, and remember that you can always contact us directly if the information you need is not provided below!

Do you treat animals other than cats and dogs?

Our facility is equipped to handle feline and canine patients. We do not treat other species.

What do I do if I need to refill my pet’s prescription?

We are proud to offer convenient refill services through our online pharmacy.

Can you offer advice or recommendations on nutrition and diet for my pet?

Yes. We can discuss your pet’s diet and any changes we might recommend during a routine wellness check.

How can I prepare my pet for surgery or other visits to your veterinary hospital?

There are several important steps to follow when your pet has an upcoming procedure:

  1. Follow the preoperational instructions provided by your vet. These are very important for the success of the procedure, so be sure you review them fully and ask any questions well before the appointment.
  2. Take care of transportation arrangements. Be sure you have a safe, secure carrier to transport your pet to and from the hospital and that you make the appointment at a time that works for your schedule.
  3. Provide comfort items that can stay with your pet, such as a favorite toy or blanket that smells like home. Discuss your planned comfort item with our team to be sure there are no concerns before the appointment.
  4. Create a calm, relaxing environment in the days and hours leading up to the procedure or visit. Avoid activities that may cause your pet stress, and do your best to stick to their normal routine as much as possible while still following the pre-arrival instructions.

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At Plaza Veterinary Hospital, our veterinary hospital welcomes patients from Burlington, Graham, Mebane, Glen Raven, Elon, Central Heights, and Haw River, North Carolina.


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