Why You Should Neuter Your Pet

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One dog is a joy. Two can be great companions to each other and to your family. Three and beyond can be a bit less enjoyable depending on the time you have available to care for them, your budget to feed them and provide medical care, and the space you have. The same holds true for cats, which breed even more readily with each litter having their own litter in just six months. The best way to avoid having an animal menagerie is to spay the females and neuter the males.

neuter your pet to avoid unwanted pregnancies and pet overpopulation

While you should definitely neuter your pet to avoid unwanted pregnancies and pet overpopulation, it is also important to avoid behavioral problems, territory marking, roaming that gets them in trouble or lost, and health issues such as prostate disease, testicular tumors, and perineal hernias. You could easily pay more for resolving any of these health conditions than you would paying to neuter your pet, not to mention that your pet might not survive despite treatment. The reality is that the only good reason not to neuter your pet is if you have a male with excellent genetics that you plan to use for breeding for stud service fees.

If you are ready to neuter your pet or you have questions about the procedure and what to expect, give us a call at Plaza Veterinary Hospital in Burlington, North Carolina. Our caring and compassionate staff has extensive knowledge about the best way to care for dogs and cats, and they are happy to address any concerns you might have about your beloved pets. We are committed to educating pet owners on how to keep their pets happy and healthy. Contact us today to learn more about how to neuter your pet.