Neuter Your Pet for More Reasons Than One!

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Neuter Your Pet for More Reasons Than One!Most of the time when you hear that you need to neuter your pet, it is associated with unwanted litters. While there are millions of unintended kittens and puppies entering shelters every year, neutering your pet is beneficial for more than just the purpose of preventing these issues of unplanned litters. In fact, there are many health advantages and safety advantages for your furry friend when you choose to neuter your pet. Here at Plaza Veterinary Hospital, we want you to be aware of all the different advantages of neutering your pet.

A huge safety issue occurs with intact males — they are prone to wandering. Owners are often surprised at the lengths that their male pet will go to in order to find a female in heat. Pets will often dig under fences, find a way to jump over tall (6-8 feet!) fences, and can even break through doors or gates. One of the biggest issues though is that your pet is no longer safe from hazards like cars or other animals when they are out on the hunt for a female.

Another benefit of neutering your pet is that they will be free from issues like testicular cancers later in life. They are also known to enjoy some attitude adjustments as well! Neutered males tend to be less aggressive and less likely to mount other animals. They also won’t feel such a strong desire to mark their territory anywhere and everywhere.

Neutering your pet is safe, advantageous for the animal as well as their owner, and helps prevent unplanned litters. To learn more about the process or the cost of neutering your pet, please contact us today.