What Your Vet Wants You to Know Before Vet Surgery

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A pet having surgery is often easier for your furry friends than it is for you! When an animal needs surgery, whether it is something recommended for most pets, such as spay or neutering procedures, or something just for them, such as removing a tumor, then they need to do some preparative steps before the actual procedure. If you have been wondering why your vet is recommending some of these steps, we here at Plaza Veterinary Hospital would like to let you know the reasoning behind some of our most common pre-op requests.

Another common request before vet surgery

Something we require for most all of our animals is that they fast (no eating) before surgery, usually at least 12 hours before. Younger animals might be allowed a small meal the day of their surgery, but you will want to check with your veterinarian. During anesthesia, a tube is placed down their throat, which can sometimes cause your dog or cat to gag. If they vomit up food during this time, they can aspirate it into their lungs, which causes serious problems and infections. It’s much easier to let them be a little hungry at this time!

Another common request before vet surgery is that we want you to bring your animals straight into the clinic in the morning, no matter what time their vet surgery is. This not only ensures that your pet won’t sneak a snack, but it helps us to get their weight, vital signs, and help them to feel comfortable in the environment before the actual surgery.

If you have any questions about an upcoming vet surgery appointment, please don’t hesitate to call us here at Plaza Veterinary Hospital!