Key Benefits of Professional Cat and
Dog Grooming

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While it is more common to consider grooming for a dog than it is for a cat, there are actually very good reasons why taking both to a professional groomer isn’t a bad idea. While some people think of professional grooming as a luxury that is more for aesthetics than anything, there are several other benefits involved that make it a wise choice.

professional grooming

As for cats, while it is true that they are equipped with a wonderful tongue for grooming, as well as the dexterity, flexibility, and desire to keep their fur clear of dirt, they may not do as well at is as you might think. If you notice your cat has mats, dandruff, fleas or ticks, it is worth scheduling a grooming appointment. It is also beneficial to brush your cat regularly, so they do not ingest as much fur and if you are unable to fit that into your schedule, professional grooming is the solution. They can also handle trimming your cat’s claws and providing a special bath, if needed.

Regular grooming is an excellent way to add a socializing element to your dog’s life, which makes it easier to handle brushing, bathing, and nail trimming. A key benefit of grooming dogs is to control shedding and avoid medical problems with the teeth, ears, and anal gland.

Pets feel better when they are groomed, so give your pet a day at the spa just as you would for yourself. Your professional groomer will also be attentive to signs of a health issue, which can mean early detection and perhaps saving the life of your dog or cat.

Here at Plaza Veterinary Hospital in Burlington, North Carolina, we offer dog and cat grooming at affordable prices. Our dog spa packages include bath, nail trim, ear cleaning, and anal expression. Our cat services include full shave or lion cut, sedation for anxious cats, bath, and nail caps. Contact us today to schedule grooming for your cat or dog. They’ll thank you for it!