7 Reasons to Board Your Pet with Us This Summer [infographic]

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You’re excited to get out of town, go on vacation, and experience some serious relaxation and adventure this summer, but at the same time, you’re worried about leaving your beloved furry friend behind. Instead of worrying while you’re away from your pet, here are a few great reasons why boarding your pet at Plaza Veterinary Hospital can put your mind at ease. Contact us today to book your pet’s stay!

7 Reasons to Board Your Pet with Us This Summer [infographic]

1.  Regular feeding times—We’ll feed your cat or dog at regular times each day. We’ll also make sure they receive adequate nutrition and always have access to clean water.

2.  Plenty of walks and socialization—We’ll get your furry friend out every day for a good walk and make sure they have plenty of time to play with our staff members, as well as the other pets staying at our facility.

3.  Access to exceptional veterinary careIf your pet gets sick while you’re gone, don’t worry! Since we’re run by a veterinary clinic, your pet will receive excellent medical care if the need arises.

4.  Safety for your pet—All the pets that stay with us are secured in their own comfortable spaces. This way, your pet can remain relaxed and rest comfortably.

5.  A facility built for your pet’s comfort—Our boarding facility was built with your pet in mind! Everything your pet needs is right onsite, and our accommodations make sure your pet feels at home.

6.  Loving, caring staff—When we say we love animals, we really mean it! Every member of our boarding staff enjoys caring for animals and will make sure your pet receives great care while staying with us.

7.  Communication with you—If you want to know how your pet is doing or simply check up while you’re away, give us a call! We’re always happy to provide updates.