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We offer all the grooming services you need to take care of your cat or dog.

Our goal at Plaza Veterinary Hospital is to help you take even better care of your pet. Not only are we your top source for medical and preventative care for your pet, but our clinic and hospital also offers grooming services for cats and dogs in Burlington, North Carolina.  We go above and beyond routine grooming to provide our cat or dog with the best care possible!

Grooming in Burlington, North Carolina

Dogs of all sizes and cats are welcome at our grooming facilities, and we offer a comprehensive lineup of services. Our standard grooming services for dogs include bathing, nail trims, ear cleaning, and anal expression. For cats, we offer full shaves/lion shaves, baths, and nail caps. Sedation is available for anxious cats. Our prices are affordable, and we require all animals who visit us to be up to date on their vaccines for the safety of the other pets and our staff members.

The welfare of your pet always comes first for us, and we know that after your pet’s first visit, you will continue to choose us for their grooming needs. We can also recommend a grooming schedule, so you feel confident caring for your pet at all stages of their life.

For grooming services you and your pet love, make your next appointment with us at Plaza Veterinary Hospital! Contact us today for additional information about our menu of services, prices, qualifications, or any other questions. We look forward to taking care of your furry friend!

All pets staying in out hospital for grooming must be up to date on all vaccines for their safety and our other patients’ safety- no exceptions.


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