Why Pet Boarding is the Best Solution When Traveling

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While your sweet “fur baby” might look cute all dressed up and ready to join you on your next vacation or other cause to head out of town, it isn’t always the best idea to take them along. For one thing, it isn’t easy to find hotels that accept pets and, unless you plan to survive on room service, you’ll run into trouble when you need to grab a bite to eat. Only service dogs are permitted at restaurants, with the exception of some with pet-friendly outdoor dining. Once you have come to the conclusion that they can’t come with you, the next decision is a pet-sitting service or a pet boarding facility.

choose a veterinary practice that offers boarding

One of the drawbacks of a pet-sitting service is that you are not just trusting them with your pet, but also your home and its contents. Unless you have a beefed-up video surveillance system that lets you check in each day, you may find it difficult to relax on your vacation out of worry about what is going on at home. If you really want to get the fun and relaxation you need, the better option is a pet boarding facility.

With a boarding facility, you won’t have to worry if the pet care person will go by your home often enough, spend sufficient time with your pet, and feed them on schedule. These concerns are eliminated with pet boarding as there are generally plenty of people around that absolutely adore pets. For an added level of confidence, choose a veterinary practice that offers boarding so you’ll know they’ll get any medical care they might need in your absence.

Here at Plaza Veterinary Hospital in Burlington, North Carolina, we’re passionate about our furry patients and overnight guests. Our boarding facility is like a home away from home for your beloved pets. We make certain they are fed on schedule and get plenty of socialization, exercise, and love. We recommend planning ahead to reserve your pet’s spot and take care of any vaccinations needed beforehand. Call today to learn more.