Get Wonderful Care for Your Pets with Our Pet Grooming! [infographic]

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Taking care of your pet is about more than just feeding, walking and providing shelter. Giving them the proper care also means helping them find a good groomer and access to a wonderful veterinarian. Here at Plaza Veterinary Hospital, we offer experienced pet grooming services alongside our vet services and pet boarding. Grooming can be advantageous for a wide range of reasons. Consider some of the following benefits:

  • Pet grooming helps keep your pet looking (and smelling) great! Regular pet grooming helps owners by keeping their pets looking and smelling great. Saving you the mess and effort of trying to clean up your pet at home, we have specialized equipment and procedures that keep them comfortable.
  • Regular nail trims by a groomer are less stressful for owner and pet. Trimming a pet’s nails can be stressful for everyone involved! Our experts know how to trim nails to a comfortable length. This helps prevent broken nails or injuries (and damage to your home).

Get Wonderful Care for Your Pets with Our Pet Grooming! [infographic]

  • Even anxious animals can build confidence with regular visits We work with animals of all dispositions on a regular basis! We work to ensure that the visit is safe, comfortable and always use lots of positive reinforcement.
  • Grooming means proactive monitoring of your pet’s health. When a groomer sees your pet on a regular basis with grooming, they can monitor the pet for areas of concerns like skin conditions, allergies, presence of parasites, soreness, growths, ear problems and more. With the focus on preventative care, we can nip potential concerns in the bud.
  • Your pet will be more comfortable on veterinary visits. When your pet comes in for regular grooming visits, the office isn’t associated with fear or concern. Instead, your pet will recognize our office as a place with gentle, patient and fun people.

We would love to tell you more about our pet grooming services. For more information about our pet grooming, please contact us today.