Get the Best Care for Your Pet at Our Full‑Service Vet Clinic! [infographic]

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Taking care of your furry friends requires time and effort. In addition to providing them with a warm bed and the right foods, pet parents also need to partner with a great veterinarian to ensure their fur-baby is up to date on their shots and preventative care. Here at Plaza Veterinary Hospital, we are a full-service vet clinic that can give you the best care options for your pet. Working with our experts means:

  • Visits to a great animal clinicOur knowledgeable and kind veterinary team can help you and your pet with a healthy lifestyle. We provide wellness checks, preventative care, helpful treatment options and much more.
  • Spaying and neutering. Spaying and neutering pets not only decreases the number of unwanted pets every year, but it can also help with behavior problems and prevent certain cancers. Please choose to spay and neuter your pets.
  • Full service grooming. Grooming your pets doesn’t have to be burdensome. Drop your fur babies off to our team and we will have them bathed, trimmed, and cleaned in no time.

Get the Best Care for Your Pet at Our Full-Service Vet Clinic! [infographic]

  • Pet boarding options for times your pets cannot travel. Whether you like to bring your pets with you or need them to stay behind, safe pet boarding is something every pet owner needs. Our caring facility makes for a comfortable place for pet boarding.
  • A stocked animal pharmacy to fill medications. When you visit our animal pharmacy to fill medications, you will find our staff friendly and very helpful. We stock a variety of preventative medications for parasite prevention and much more.
  • Qualified veterinary surgery facilities. Working with our knowledgeable and professional experts can put your mind at ease when they need surgery. We are compassionate in our care and skilled in our abilities.
  • Preventative care options for cats and dogs. Avoid parasites and other preventable issues with our preventative care options. We offer wellness checks, immunizations, preventative medications and much more.
  • Pet dental care tips and treatment options. Let your dog or cat show their pearly whites with our pet dental care options. We can help with cleanings, extractions, and also give you tips to practice dental care at home.

We would love to help you take care of your pet. For more information, please give our friendly and caring team a call today.