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Leave town with confidence, thanks to our pet boarding services.

Even if you want to be able to take your four-legged friends with you on vacation or work trips, many areas aren’t as pet-friendly as your household is! When you need to be away from your pet for an extended period of time, you don’t want to leave them alone or you might even be anxious about leaving them with pet-sitter of some kind. Here at Plaza Veterinary Hospital, we have pet boarding services that you can rely on for all the times you need to be away from your pet.

Pet Boarding in Burlington, North Carolina

At Plaza Veterinary Hospital, our pet boarding will give any breed or age of pet a pleasant pet boarding experience when you need to be away from them. Even anxious pets make themselves right at home with our patient and caring staff. With care that is consistent to a schedule like they might have at home, your dog or cat can experience walks, feeding, play and socialization. All of these things will help their pet boarding experience become a positive one, which will help your time away also be more positive!

We do take the care of our pet boarding animals very seriously here at Plaza Veterinary Hospital, so we require that all pets have records of up-to-date vaccinations in order to create the healthiest environment. If you have concerns about your pet while you are away, don’t worry– we are happy to communicate with you and let you know how they’re doing.

To learn more about the pet boarding services that we provide here in Burlington, North Carolina, make sure to call us soon at Plaza Veterinary Hospital– our boarding schedule fills up fast!

FAQs about Pet Boarding

At Plaza Veterinary Hospital, we understand that you can feel apprehension about being separated from your furry family members. Our goal is to help you feel more comfortable with the situation, while also helping your pet feel at ease whenever they stay with us. By addressing all your questions and providing valuable tips, we hope to achieve both. Here are a few common questions about pet boarding that could help:

What tips do you have for helping my pet feel more at ease?

The more familiar your pet is with us, the better they’ll adjust to staying with us. If you bring your pet in for wellness visits, they’ll get to know us, and we’ll get to know them. Then, when your next vacation or business trip comes up, neither of you will feel as anxious.

Are there other reasons I can use your pet boarding besides going out of town?

Absolutely! Pet boarding can be used before and after a surgery, when you are ill and can’t care for your pet as well, when you have overnight guests arriving that your pet doesn’t care for or that your guest is allergic to, during a home remodeling project where you fear they could get loose or injured, or any other situation where they’ll be happier and/or safer in our care.

Do I need to call in advance to arrange pet boarding?

We do recommend that you contact us as much in advance as possible to be sure we have space available at our Burlington, North Carolina veterinary hospital.

At Plaza Veterinary Hospital, we offer pet boarding for patients from Burlington, Graham, Mebane, Glen Raven, Elon, and Haw River, North Carolina.