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Our dog grooming services will keep your pup looking their best.

At Plaza Veterinary Hospital, we know that most dog owners think of their dog as more than just a pet; they’re your best friend. Caring for a dog involves more than just providing food and shelter; it also means keeping up with their hygiene needs. We’re proud to offer comprehensive dog grooming services to dog owners in Mebane, North Carolina.

Dog Grooming in Mebane, North Carolina

A standard dog grooming appointment at our facility consists of the following:

  • Bathing – We use pet-safe shampoo to gently lift away dirt, debris, and odors that may have become trapped in your dog’s coat over time.
  • Nail trimming – Dogs’ nails grow continuously. They can quickly become long enough to cause discomfort or even injury to your pet. Our technicians will carefully clip or grind your dog’s nails to the appropriate length.
  • Ear cleaning – We use a specially formulated ear cleaner solution to gently flush out any dirt, debris, or excess wax that has built up in your dog’s ear.
  • Anal expression – One of our skilled technicians will manually apply pressure to your dog’s anal glands to expel any built-up fluids. This can help relieve discomfort and prevent more serious issues such as anal gland infections or abscesses.

One of the best things about using our dog grooming services is that they may make your dog’s next medical visit easier. Being able to associate our facility with something that makes them feel good can lessen their anxiety when they come back for a checkup or preventative treatment.

We offer exceptional dog grooming services to help your pup look and feel their best. For more information about our services or to book a dog grooming appointment, contact us today.

At Plaza Veterinary Hospital, we offer dog grooming for patients from Burlington, Graham, Mebane, Glen Raven, Elon, Central Heights, and Haw River, North Carolina.