Dog Groomer, Graham, NC

Our dog groomer can be a valuable addition to your dog’s care team.

Taking care of a dog often requires the help of a few different individuals in the dog’s life. There’s the pet parent, of course, but there are also great people like veterinarians and veterinary professionals who help you give your dog the best care. Perhaps you have a dog walker who helps your dog get in their exercise when you can’t or a friend they love to play with, teaching them socialization skills. Here at Plaza Veterinary Hospital, we suggest that you add a dog groomer like ours to your list of skilled professionals for your fur-baby.

Dog Groomer in Graham, North Carolina

When you visit our pet clinic, you will see that we are no ordinary animal hospital! Located just a short drive away from Graham, North Carolina, our team is willing to help you get your dog the care and consideration they need with veterinary as well as extra services, such as boarding and grooming. Our dog groomer is able to give even anxious dogs the proper care and attention they need for a positive experience. With the right tools and training, we can help your dog feel comfortable, and even enjoy a trip to our dog groomer.

During a trip to the dog groomer, your dog will have a bath, get their fur and nails trimmed, an anal expression technique performed, and ear cleaning completed. When you return, they will smell and look amazing! In addition to their cleaning, we can look for signs of trouble like the presence of fleas or ticks, rashes, hair loss, lumps or other things that can go unnoticed between veterinary checkups. While our dog groomer is here to groom your dog, they are also a wonderful asset to your canine care team! If you have been looking for a dog groomer, please contact us today for an appointment.

At Plaza Veterinary Hospital, our dog groomer welcomes patients from Burlington, Graham, Mebane, Glen Raven, Elon, Central Heights, and Haw River, North Carolina.