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We fill up fast due to limited space on long weekends and summer holidays. Fill out our contact form now and we'll get back with you to reserve your pet's spot!

Finding a place to board your pet is tough, especially since your furry friend is a true member of your family. Instead of worrying when you leave your pet behind, take advantage of our boarding services at Plaza Veterinary Hospital. Fill out our contact form and we'll get back to you!

Our compassionate, highly trained professionals will care for your pet.

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Your pet will be fed on a schedule, walked, socialized, and played with.

We're happy to give daily updates and answer any and all questions when you call to check in.

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We'll Take Exceptional Care of Your Pet!

Here's why you should board your pet with us:

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Reserve Your Pet's Spot

If You're Looking for a Great Place to Board Your Pet, You've Found It!

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